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How to Write Funeral Resolutions

Having to give a funeral resolution can be one of the most nerve wracking things you can be called on to do. The last thing you want to do is embarass yourself or anyone else at someone's funeral. Here are some ways that you can give a good funeral resolution:

  1. Prepare. Do not go up there expecting to make something up as you go. All speeches need to be prepared, even by great public speakers.
  2. What to write about: A good idea for all funeral resolutions is to talk about the person's life. Discuss their greatest achievements. Share some memories that you and the deceased had. Maybe share a heartwarming anectode with the crowd.
  3. Before you write: Take a few minutes to outline your speech. Every speech needs to have a beginning, middle and end. Do not have one long, incoherent paragraph that you are going to mix together.
  4. Keep the speech brief. No more than five minutes is usually the unwritten rule. Just say your piece and get going.
  5. Offer condolences to the family. Take the time out, while on stage, to offer the members of the deceased's family your condolences. Wish them the best and offer your support.
  6. Celebrate the person, do not mourn them. Funerals are less of a group mourning of someone's death rather than a celebration of their life. Talk about the person and their accomplishments, their family, etc. Do not dwell on the person's death or everyone's mourning.
  7. Try not to cry. Funerals can be emotionally draining. If you do begin to tear up during your speech and feel as though you will not be able to continue without looking ridiculous, excuse yourself. Maybe offer a last word about how much you love the person or will miss him dearly and walk off. This happens often.

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